Jungle Experiences

With more than 25 years exploring and cruising the Peruvian Amazon, Jungle Experiences has designed unique journeys for guests with two state-of-the-art riverboat experiences which guide passengers on a magical journey of discovery along the world’s largest river, a region renowned for its rainforest, wildlife and indigenous peoples. Based at the port of Nauta near Iquitos in northeastern Peru, guests have a choice of three-, four- and seven-night itineraries up the Amazon and into the maze of waterways that comprise Pacaya Samiria Reserve, one of the most scenic national parks in the entire Amazon Basin. As stewards who are deeply committed to protecting the Amazon’s ecosystem and its people, Jungle Experiences’ commitment to sustainable tourism includes working intensively with local communities by providing them with resources to improve their quality of life and training them to conserve the environment for generations to come.